Axwell^Ingrosso unveiled their long-anticipated single ‘Dreamer’

axwell ingrosso dreamer

Having released one of the biggest singles of this year, Axwell^Ingrosso have today unveiled their follow-up, brand new track titled ‘Dreamer’.

The track features peerless production from the Swedish EDM duo, who have skilfully combined their prowess for creating huge pop tracks with their inimitable, stadium-filling sounds and beats. Fans might recognise ‘Dreamer‘ from Axwell^Ingrosso‘s recent live sets – with the duo playing over 100 shows this year alone.

The striking artwork for ‘Dreamer‘ was created by the highly-talented collage artist Sara Shakeel and was commissioned by Axwell^Ingrosso’s Creative Director and founder of acclaimed fashion label Palm Angels – Francesco Ragazzi.

via Sara Shakeel

‘Dreamer’ features on the 15-track album ‘More Than You Know’, also released today. Previously only available in Japan, the release serves as a collection of all material released by Axwell^Ingrosso to date – as a thank you gift to the duo’s fans.

Listen to the track here.