SNAILS ‘The Shell’ tour will drop down on The Fillmore this Friday!

Dj Snails

Okay folks, in case you haven’t heard already, SNAILS is on the road, and on December 15th, he will be gracing Philadelphia with his presence at The Fillmore alongside talented producers FuntCase, Yookie, and Shizz Lo.

This tour marks the celebration of Snails’ epic album, appropriately titled The Shell, and is promising to melt your faces off with over 150,000 watts of PK sound, and an all-new stage set up featuring Gary The Snail.

Snails is the bold, boundary-pushing project from Montreal based producer Frédérik Durand. His unique style of mixing, coined endearingly by his die-hard fans as “vomit step,” features some of the guttural, crushing bass drops that will have its listeners headbanging for days.

After having his first tracks featured online via Kannibalen Records, Durand has skyrocketed to play almost every festival imaginable, and The Shell tour will add yet another epic milestone to his already incredible career.

So Philly, assemble your best “vomit squad” and head to The Fillmore this Friday! Check out a preview of the set up below!