Russian EDM duo Matisse & Sadko make debut on STMPD RCRDS with “Into You”

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Teaming up with upcoming Norwegian talent, Hanne Mjøen, the Russian DJ and production duo have cooked up something really special on ‘Into You’.

Intertwining pianos and distant filtered guitars combine as the track begins before Mjøen’s delicate vocals glide in and a hip-hop flavoured beat drops. Her heavenly delivery builds the track up as the beat speeds up, and when the bright bursts of synth chords and sweet lead line are unleashed it’s one seriously powerful moment.

The melancholy lyrics fit the track perfectly, the bittersweet feel trading places with the triumphant vibe of those drop sections. With such teasing moments of the track in full swing, we can hope for a full-on remix that amps those sections up all the way.

Listen to the track here.