14 yr-old girl throws RAVE inside $3.5 million home causing $20.000 of damage!

img Project X movie

The Vancouver Courier has recently reported a house party that hosted over 200 people all funded from a parents credit card.

The party sounds a lot like the popular ‘Project X’ movie. Apparently a 14 year old Canadian girl rented a $600-per night home with the idea to throw a rave themed event. The party would soon go viral on social media and the neighbors clearly weren’t happy with her decision. Police would soon shut down the party after numerous complaints from neighbors.

Some of the neighbors have described the rental as a ‘party house’ and that this event isn’t the first. A person in the community spoke to police and said:

“The bass was just picking up and the whole neighborhood was shaking because of it, kids just kept streaming in. The streets reeked of Jagermeister from all the pour-out”.

West Vancouver police spokesman Jeff Palmer had this to say about the crazed event:

“Kids were flooding all over the place, patrol team members were doing their level best to ensure that nobody was hurt and there [were] no medical circumstances resulting from the party.” The girl’s parents and the homeowner arrived at the property shortly after police.

“There is a discussion to be had around what access your child or your youth has to banking information and how you might control how they use it” he added.

Since the party, the young girl has not been charged despite almost $20,000 worth of damages.

“(There was) a great deal of damage – artwork smashed, furniture smashed, damage to the walls, furniture tossed into the hot tub – just a really long, long list of damage that by the owners’ estimate is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $20,000.”

“They were planning to resolve the issue of the damage in a civil proceeding between themselves and as such, the homeowner isn’t requesting any criminal action against the 14-year-old or her family.

The home is valued at a whopping $3.5 million so you can imagine how angry the homeowners must of been.