Datsik has a song in which he raps about sexual assault!


As the days that have followed after Datsik’s sexual assault accusations, both fans and critics have taken to social media to point out some of the less savory aspects of the producers past. One of these aspects include the 2011 “snuggle struggle” tweet, and the other is the 2013 song “Too Late to Say No,” which was released in 2013.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, who originally featured the experimental hip-hop release, Datsik stated:

“I never really used my own vocals over one of my tracks. So on that song, I’m actually the one rapping over it,” he then added, “That was definitely a different experience for me, but I also learned quite a bit on how to make my voice sound good and not make it sound so much like me.”

While the track itself isn’t terrible, it’s the lyrics that have fans commenting things such as:

“This is probably the only song to make me feel uneasy, it just sounds so…. creepy.”

“This is so cringey”

“AHHH this is so disturbing now.”

As for the lyrics themselves? They go something like this:

Just follow the bottle, take you there
Snuck in the house with a full blank stare
Nowhere to go so you go with the flow
Too early to stop but too late to say no

Take a listen to the full song below: