Dancing FBI agent drops gun during backflip and shoots man in the leg [VIDEO]

A disturbing video has surfaced showing an apparent off-duty FBI agent’s weapon going off in a Denver nightclub.

In the video, the agent is seen doing back-flips and wild’n out on the dance floor. As he attempts his backflip, you can clearly see his weapon fall on the floor. We are not exactly sure what kind of gun it is, but we are sure it’s some sort of pistol. The agent then goes to pick up the weapon and it discharges.

To make the whole thing worse, the bullet stuck another attendee in the leg. The victim is said to be in good and stable condition following the gun shot wound.

This is a perfect example of people in powerful positions not being responsible in the moment. Things could have been much worse, and the victim in lucky to be alive.

Check out the video below!