Hawksburn brings soulful deep house to STMPD RCRDS on ‘The Way Out’ EP

New to STMPD RCRDS is Melbourne producer, Hawksburn. Named after the city suburb he grew up in, he was raised on a diet of jazz, funk and soul and seeks to imbue house music with the qualities of those genres. His debut EP for Martin Garrix’s label successfully marries his two worlds in beautiful fashion.

The title track is a soulful deep house jam, driven by warm chord samples, thick bass, and pitched-down heartfelt vocals. Skipping percussion compliments the throbbing kick patterns and far-off female wails grace the track as the arrangement develops. Heavenly chimes sit atop the chords as we head towards the crescendo, and all in all its something that would sound very at home in a Disclosure set.

Get With You leads with R&B-style female vocals and lush pad chords before an elastic bassline and old skool house beats drop into place.

The energetic chorus is contrasted with the deeper, more melancholy verses, and the arrangement strips back at all the right moments. Sweet keys play out a sorrowful arpeggiated melody, providing the icing on the cake.

Listen to the track below.