Drug-fueled S*x Island is facing trouble ahead of upcoming event

Image: CEN/SE*island.co

It is not clear if it is the promotional video that claims limitless s*x with glamorous women or the infinite access to illegal drugs that is the culprit for the heat, but S*x Island is once again in the international headlines regarding their clandestine event due to the extreme nature of the happening.

The disreputable event by the Good Girls Company has consistently been in mainstream news for quite a while, but for those that have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, the event is an all-inclusive adventure that is full of non-stop s*x, drugs, and orgies.

The “playcation” started in Colombia but had to change locations after it fell under scrutiny due to a media frenzy that revealed a minor child having free access to the event because he entered a raffle with his father’s stolen credit card information.

The masses tend to disagree with circumstances involving things that condone contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and rightfully so, and they have been feeling an inferno ever since the boy documented his experience and interaction on the island to confirm that it was actually a thing and not a fable.

The viral occurrence caused the Good Girls Company to tuck tail and relocate, but it certainly did not stop them. They had another event at an undisclosed destination around the religious Christmas holiday and wound up in the headlines once again. If that was not enough, they had to scramble and relocate once again and find a new stomping ground for their event. While facing a worldwide public eye, and opposition of the international authorities, they decided to announce another event in a new paradise based location in the Caribbean, again on a religious holiday, being Easter this time.

The new location for the debauchery-ridden vacation has not been released to the public, however, Trinidad and Tobago has caught wind that it may be on their turf, and they have made a public statement that it will absolutely not take place in the small Caribbean nation.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith told local news station CNC3 “I can give the assurance that before the first joint is lighted, before the first lap dance is had, that will never happen. There’s absolutely no way that something, as organized and promoted as this, can happen in Trinidad and Tobago waters.”

National Security Minister Stuart Young backed up the statements of Griffith by announcing to CNC3 reporter Akash Samaroo that “I shall be giving instructions to authorities including the [Trinidad and Tobago Police Service] and Immigration that this is not to be permitted in Trinidad and Tobago. I have already passed this NY Post article onto law enforcement.”

Representatives of S*x Island have publically snapped back that “no government official is going to tell the media, we are S*x Island with open arms, we are not worried about having the event in Trinidad because we had the event last year and a private event every other month in Trinidad without issues.”

The event invites 100 men to their s*xcapdade adventure to play with 200 certified std free beautiful, exotic women. Drugs are provided and stem between cocaine, MDMA, and marijuana.

The ticket costs roughly $4,500 USD and the duration is roughly a week. The event hosts sub-events like orgy golf tournaments and orgy tennis. It is consistent s*x and drug use for the working women and paying men alike. Everybody joins together for a raunchy four-day, three-night vacation full of non-stop action.

With many events already under their belt, only time will tell who will win the game of cat and mouse between the authorities and the masterminds behind the infamous S*x Island. On a side note to the married ladies out there, if your husband disappears on a getaway adventure on a religious holiday, some questions regarding whereabouts might not be the worst idea, just saying.