Coachella strikes again! Another couple caught, this time actually having s*x!

img via Coachella

There must be some kind of love potion being given out to the Coachella festival attendees that buy a ticket to ride the Ferris wheel at the event. Yesterday a viral video was released of a couple engaging in a public display of oral s*x, during the day time at the all-ages event, and today a video was released on social media of a couple having actual s*x on the ride.

The most recent public display of affection at least occurred during the night, which lessened the chances that minor children witnessed the s*xual encounter, but it certainly was not private or discreet by any means.

S*exual encounters are always going to be a part of music festivals, sometimes it is planned, and other times the vibes take over and lead to intimate moments between human beings. Either love is in the air at Coachella, love potion number 9 is being passed around, or there is an unspoken secret mission for some of the Coachella attendees to have se*xual rendezvous on the ride.

The ferris wheel is not very hidden by the way, the carts are visible to the human eye without too much staring. The people that are taking part in the sexual activities have to know that the odds are pretty good that someone could see and video the intimate moment(s).

Weekend two on the way, stay tuned for updates on Coachella’s freaky ferris wheel.