Lodato teams up with Paris Hilton for a brand new record “I Blame You”


Paris Hilton is firing on all cylinders with the of her new record “I Blame You” produced by LODATO, just a few weeks since the release of her Documentary “This is Paris”.

The iconic entrepreneur jumps back into the music scene, teaming up with arguably the hottest new EDM/POP producer, LODATO (who already had two consecutive #1 dance radio/Billboard hits this year). Those are just some of the several successful singles Lodato boasts under his belt, so we can be sure that the two are cooking something really special.

Their partnership has been steady for a while now, with LODATO even showing up with Paris on Sirius Xm’s BPM to celebrate the release of her documentary.

The Lyrics of “I Blame You” shows Paris Hilton‘s more serious side, which seems to mark her shift to a more sober tone as an artist. This shift in identity is deep to the point where she has actually surprised fans by giving an interview “out of character”, where even her talking voice was different from what the world was used to.

As for her documentary, in which she details her difficult childhood and all the drama attached to it and shines a light at “the real Paris Hilton”, it certainly has been stirring waters, not only putting into question her “Blondie” persona while highlighting her role as the first influencer but also serving as a gateway into the conversation about abuse.

Her tragic story has shaken so many hearts that the online campaign #iseeyousurvivor has abuse victims from all over talking about the trauma they went through.

This is Paris has also found relative success among critics and the laymen alike, exposing a more vulnerable side to the celebrity that everyone believed to know well.

And Its all for a good cause, Paris, LODATO & the label Overdrive are donating all of the records proceeds to Breaking Code Silence. At the end of the day there is a lot to take from the pairing of Paris Hilton and LODATO, both in terms of music, but also the broader social impact it brings. After all, Paris is a pop culture veteran that even through criticism and harsh realities was able to build not only a legendary name for herself but also to do it with a smile and unyielding altruism.

Listen to the track below.