Andrew Rayel and AIDYL deliver emotional new single: ‘River’

andrew rayel

Water is a beautiful thing. Since the dawn of time, it has been cherished for its cleanliness, for its ability to give life and somehow wash away the hurt. And that’s reason enough for Andrew Rayel and AIDYL to push it center stage in their latest single called ‘River’, bringing to light the healing properties of water in the best possible way.

Overflowing with heartfelt emotion and uplifting intent, ‘River‘ expertly underlines the peerless production prowess of Moldovan mastermind Andrew Rayel. With the disarming vocals of rising songstress AIDYL brushing up against the touching piano tones and euphoria-soaked melodies, this is one of those songs ever Vocal Trance will happily plunge into.

Andrew Rayel: “‘River’ is a record that’s very close to my heart. I’ve been wanting to go back to my Trance roots more, and this song simply has that magical euphoric feeling that gives me goosebumps every time.

AIDYL: “We wrote ‘River’ after a conversation about how healing water can be, both physically and emotionally. We hope it will be an anthem for people needing to feel the weightlessness and serenity you feel when you float in a river, letting the water wash over you.

Listen to the track HERE!