Yamil drops his long-anticipated EP ‘No Friendship Is An Accident’

World-renowned producer and one of the most demanded DJs at the moment, Yamil delivers an uplifting new EP for his lucky fans and brings in Thimble and Clemente as amplification.

Foreseeing the biggest rave on earth, humanity builds a multi-generational starship called Monaberry, 50 miles (80 km) wide and 200 miles (320 km) long. The ship contains dozens of music releases, each massive and unique tunes; their goal is to make all people dance. In 2021, more than 100 years into the voyage, superstar DJs and producers Yamil, Thimble and Clemente are becoming part of the crew.

Their present to the people of Monaberry is an fantastic EP called “No Friendship Is An Accident”.

Listen to the tracks below and enjoy!