WiseBarber’s Top Beard Styles for DJs

As a DJ, are you looking to improve your appearance with facial hair? Well, here are a few suggested beard styles for you.

Top 4 Beard Styles for DJs

Famous or not, DJs can’t stop at just creating or playing good music. They also have to pay close attention to their appearance. Because the entertainment industry is demanding like that. So, what better way to improve their looks than cultivating the most fashionable beard styles?

I am sure you know that your beard style can significantly affect how you look. Paired with any one of WiseBarber’s men’s haircuts, your beard will pop, and so shall you. Therefore, if you are an aspiring DJ or already one, you should consider the following beard styles;

1. The Full Beard

This beard style takes time to grow out and requires extra care and attention. Without the additional care and attention, one begins to walk the thin line between edgy and homeless-looking. Thus, a full beard requires some commitment. But, if you are always pressed for time, I do not recommend it.

Of course, not every man can pull this off even if they tried. This beard style requires your genes to smile on you as they heavily influence the growth of your facial hair. Fortunately, if time and genes allow, then rest assured that this beard style is going to help you steal many hearts.

2. The Beardstache

With this style, think Richard from Friends with a stubble. That’s the idea. It features a very thick and full mustache growth and a five o’clock shadow.

I highly recommend this for men with patchy beard growth around their cheeks and full mustache growth. Also, it looks best on men who have large upper lips and prominent jawlines.

3. The Van Dyke

This style is named after a Flemish artist. It is also perfect for men with patchy beards on their cheeks. Unlike the Beardstache, this beard style demands that you shave off every single hair strand on your cheeks.

All the focus remains on the disconnected hair and your mustache and chin. Note that this style gives you an air of sophistication if executed correctly to match your face shape. Moreover, the Van Dyke style flatters shorter face types because of the elongating and slimming effect it tends to have.

4. The Stubble

People didn’t always consider this beard style attractive. In fact, having stubble was considered a telltale sign of a man’s laziness in the early 20th century.

However, this beard style is the easiest to grow and maintain than of all the beards mentioned here. It requires just three to four days of beard growth. Plus, it looks good on almost every face shape.

If you’re trying to play it safe, this beard style is for you.


Although I only listed four beard styles, there are many more styles you can choose from. Also, you can click on Grooming Tips for DJs if you want to learn more about how to take care of your facial hair to look your best.