Bleu Clair Drops Edgy House Single ‘Funk Accelerator’

“Funk Accelerator,” is Bleu Clair at his best. The track blends together an eclectic blend of elements featuring culture cues from classic house and tech house – infusing his musical work with a certain modern twist that only he seems to be able to bring out. It’s the technicality and arrangement that hooks the listener on this one.

Within “Funk Accelerator,” there’s a dichotomy at hand. At some moments, sampled vocals are cut and spliced alongside a crisp percussion design, while at others, old-school sample design is placed at the forefront. Altogether, well-organized and boasting a flow that leaves the listener on their toes as to what will come next – Bleu Clair keeps the vibe simple and smooth, allowing the track to be absorbed on a deep level.

Bleu Clair is far from his first go around when it comes to making music. His catalog is thick, the infectious releases – which have been signed to labels such as Insomniac Records, Terminal Underground and Realm Records – having him sit at 450K+ monthly listeners on just Spotify alone. 

Known for being a part of a greater modern movement that is ushering in a new era of house, Bleu Clair is the cream of the crop in these circles – his music only seeming to be more forward thinking and development with each passing release.

Listen to the track below.