Bleu Clair At His Best: ‘Inner Circle’ – A Tech House Journey You Can’t Miss

Bleu Clair’s story unfolds within the vibrant underground electronic scene. From the outset, his commitment to creating a distinctive sound set him apart. Bleu Clair weaves meticulous production with cohesive themes, crafting music that is both unique and instantly recognizable. His dedication and passion for tech house shine through in every track he produces.

In his latest EP, ‘Inner Circle,’ Bleu Clair offers a sonic journey through six tracks. The opening track, “Boom Boom,” features powerful vocals layered over smooth percussion and a robust bassline, setting the tone for the EP.

In The Music,” featuring POLOVICH, delivers late-night vibes with a surprising drop that keeps the energy high. “Shake What Yo Mama” captivates with its dazzling percussion and seamless transitions.

Bleu Clair
Bleu Clair – Inner Circle EP

Bring The Hats On” reflects Clair’s nuanced style with crisp percussion and memorable drops. “Hold On,” featuring Tania Foster, blends classic house elements with modern twists, culminating in “Want Me Back,” a soulful collaboration with Atsy and Daniel Rimaldi that leaves a lasting impact.

Bleu Clair’s ascent in the electronic music world includes performances at prestigious festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Tomorrowland. His tracks have topped the Beatport House chart, and he boasts over 50 million Spotify streams. With support from industry giants like Tiesto and Martin Garrix, and a robust social media following, Bleu Clair’s influence continues to grow.

Listen to the tracks below.