O Cinnedi Releases Dark Bass Single In Tandem With Seven Deadly Sins Series In ‘Sloth’

O Cinnedi is on her second last song on her extensive year-long project based on The Seven Deadly Sins. She is getting closer to the finale and her final transformation of the character of O Cinnedi.

She breaks the third wall on social media creating a storyline with a movie-like atmosphere through her social media posts, stories, music and short films.

She takes viewers into Sloth where O Cinnedi is battling a major depressive episode after dealing with her drug withdrawal with Gluttony. This project depicts her origin story and battle in the music industry.

At age 3, O Cinnedi began in the entertainment industry under Walt Disney productions and also through winning hundreds of dance competitions while performing all over the world. At the age of 10, she began her journey into music theory and classical clarinet and percussion playing where you can see elements of this throughout her music. At the age of 16, she set off to be educated by some of the best artists in the world including Grammy Award Winning, and has helped in the production, marketing and branding for many artists big or small.

She has support from Archie Pena the producer of artists like Whitney Houston, Shakira, and Michael Jackson. She has gained so much experience through this work that she has built a world through her performances, music, story and even through her posts online that you would not want to miss anything she is doing right now.

Listen to the track HERE!