Martial Simon’s ‘Nu-Freestyle’ Is Introduced Via ‘This Is Your Night’

The dance music landscape has been nothing short of evolutionary, yet every so often, we witness an artist reshaping its contours. Martial Simon, the established New York City DJ and producer, is making waves with his distinctive sound: Nu-Freestyle.

In the pulse of “This Is Your Night,” Nu-Freestyle comes alive. This sub-genre, deeply rooted in electro-pop and dance, bridges the nostalgic past with an inventive future. Every beat, from the undulating bass to the arresting synths, accentuates the genre’s potential.

Simon‘s career, spanning over two decades, is filled with sonic landmarks. From “High In July” to “Don’t You Forget About Me,” and from “Lost” to “Go Bezerk“, Simon has consistently demonstrated his genius.

His track “Where My Girls At?” not only enjoyed the limelight on BBC Radio 1 Dance Anthems but also topped Beatport’s Dance Electro Pop chart. Another winner, “Have A Good Time,” skyrocketed with over 250k streams in just six weeks. These aren’t mere numbers, but a showcasing of Simon‘s magnetic appeal.

Having founded GET SET Records in 2021 and boasting over 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Simon is not just creating tracks – he’s crafting experiences. As we progress through 2023, Martial’s sonic journey appears more promising than ever. The dance floor, indeed, looks bright under the lights of Martial Simon‘s Nu-Freestyle.

Listen to the track below.

Check out the exclusive interview with Martial Simon, focusing on the genre ‘Nu Freestyle’, success, and so much more.

You’ve coined your style ‘Nu-Freestyle,’ a blend of electro-pop and dance. Could you elaborate on how this style originated and how it showcases your creativity?

I’ve been experimenting with vintage freestyle vocal records. The idea was to infuse a Nu-Disco vibe into Freestyle, enhancing it for the dancefloor with rolling basslines and robust synths.

This year, you’ve been prolific in your music production, including interpolations and cover tracks. What prompted this decision, and how do you believe it has contributed to your rising popularity?

I enjoy reimagining timeless hits, breathing new vitality into them. Some become covers, while others turn into interpolations. The latter is exciting because it permits more creativity, with fresh lyrics layered on classic replayed melodies. Overall, these renditions are noticeable and resonate with a broad audience.

Your music has amassed over a million streams in 2023 alone. What factors do you attribute to this positive momentum? How do you craft music that resonates with listeners worldwide?

It’s a humbling achievement to witness my ideas evolve into tangible projects, embraced by fans and listeners globally. Connecting with a global audience through music is no easy feat. I believe it begins with identifying uplifting sounds and then producing melodies that appropriately capture the essence of the song. Authenticity is key—avoid forcing it!

You’ve enjoyed a DJ career spanning two decades and established your own label, GET SET Records. How do you sustain the freshness and excitement in your music? What drives your continual exploration of new musical avenues?

The driving force is music itself. It propels me to experiment, set trends, adapt to current trends, and then apply a creative twist to them.

Tracks like “High In July,” “Don’t You Forget About Me,” and “Go Berserk” have garnered significant popularity. Could you provide more insight into the evolution of these tracks from conception to release?

“High in July” was inspired by my experiences in the Hamptons, paying homage to the summer lifestyle. “Don’t You Forget About Me” demanded a Slap House makeover, building upon its recognizable chorus with an added slap and drop. “Go Berserk” was initially a rap I penned for a Club/Tech House track, later leading to a collaboration with rapper Trinidad Jame$ to bridge the gap between Hip Hop and EDM.

Could you describe your relationship with your fans, and how integral is their feedback during your creative process?

I hold deep appreciation for my fans, recognizing their pivotal role in my journey. I’m open to all feedback—positive or constructive. Honesty defines my relationship with fans, regardless of the nature of the feedback. It’s the authenticity that counts.

As the founder of GET SET Records, how do you manage your roles as both an artist and a label owner? Has owning a label influenced your approach to music-making?

My roles as an artist and label owner coexist harmoniously. The label provides a platform for my music and that of other artists. Effective time management is key, coupled with forward-thinking and learning from past experiences. I adapt successful strategies while refining them for each new release.

Your music has graced major cities and even television. How have these experiences shaped your artistic direction? What can your fans anticipate from you in the near future?

Performing in iconic cities worldwide and having my music featured on TV has significantly impacted my artistic journey. I treasure every moment and approach each opportunity with gratitude. Upcoming releases on the label include collaborations with Holly T and Kasey Berry. Additionally, keep an eye out for my next release in early October—a collaboration with a female rapper, Martial Simon!