Hannah Boleyn joins Galantis on new single “Little Bit Yours”

Internationally-acclaimed dance music powerhouse Galantis has joined forces with UK singer/songwriter Hannah Boleyn on new track “Little Bit Yours” – available now via Big Beat Records.

Channeling a classic house sound that shares the enigmatic characteristics of your favorite 90s dance anthem, Boleyn‘s ethereal Kate Bush-akin vocals (most recently heard on top 15 UK single “DNA [Loving You]” with Billy Gilles) glide effortlessly over a mesmerizing, house groove, making “Little Bit Yours” a welcome return to Galantis‘ early European dance roots.

“Hannah Boleyn is a brilliant songwriter with a voice that is as gorgeous as it is captivating! I was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with her on this timeless and classic 90s-infused piece of house music.”Christian Karlsson (Galantis)

Galantis & Hannah Boleyn – “Little Bit Yours”

“It is a joy getting to work with someone whose music I’ve been a genuine fan of for so long. I love the way Christian can make a record that feels fun and exciting whilst also giving the vocal space to shine.

For me that’s what is special about records like ‘Runaway (U & I)’ and ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ and it feels like Christian has created that same magic with ‘Little Bit Yours’. ‘Little Bit Yours’ is saying ‘there are two sides to me and if you want me, you have to love both”Hannah Boleyn

Last month saw the release of “Dreamteam” with Neon Trees, continuing to usher in the hotly anticipated fourth Galantis album era which will mark the first full-length since 2020’s Church.

The album is due to also feature recently released tracks “Koala” which was declared “another dance hit” by American Songwriter and “BANG BANG! (My Neurodivergent Anthem)” which Rolling Stone praised as “an upbeat festival-ready banger.” The latter also exclusively premiered alongside a candid statement from Christian Karlsson revealing his ADHD diagnosis and neurodivergent journey.

Listen to the track below.