San Pacho Drops the ‘No Guest List EP’ and We Love Every Beat

Emerging from the depths of electronic music, San Pacho crafts a unique blend of Latin rhythms and house beats. His journey is one of relentless creativity, constantly pushing boundaries and weaving narratives that speak to his roots and vision for the future of house music.

The “No Guest List EP” opens with “No Guest List,” a track that sets an immediate high-energy tone with stuttering synths and a compelling vocal sample, climaxing in a euphoric drop. “Dale,” featuring Teko, infuses Latin flavors into its laid-back percussion, creating an irresistible groove.

Alfoja,” featuring Buitano and Fatboi, is a vocal-centric piece that flows seamlessly, making bodies move effortlessly. “To Di Drum” offers a darker vibe, with echo effects and metallic drums crafting an otherworldly atmosphere.

Cha Cha Cha” lightens the mood with its classic house elements, characterized by impeccable drumwork and basslines. Finally, “Amor (VIP)” provides a hypnotic, bass-driven conclusion that leaves listeners yearning for more.

San Pacho
San Pacho – No Guest List

With tracks like “Trompeta,” “Voy,” “Party People,” and “Tequila” achieving millions of streams, his collaboration “La Pasion” with Matroda has surpassed 4 million streams on Spotify. Supported by giants like Tiesto, Diplo, and David Guetta, and featured in major Spotify playlists, Pacho‘s influence is profound. With over 950k monthly listeners and 130k social media followers, his impact is widespread and undeniable.

Listen to the tracks below.