San Pacho and No Thanks deliver on suave Tech House single in ‘Freak’

Imagine a world where the horizon blends the lush forests of Latin America with the vibrant atmosphere of Croatian coastlines. That’s the sound and spirit you’ll find in San Pacho & No Thanks’ new track, “Freak.” Released by the Terminal Underground label, this single beautifully combines the energy of Latin house with the precise, hypnotic feeling of tech house.

I’ve always believed in the power of music to bring people together and communicate on a universal level. San Pacho, hailing from Croatia, embodies that belief. His rhythms capture the infectious heartbeat of life, emphasizing percussion and creating an electric excitement. When you listen to “Freak,” you’re transported to a world that is both untamed and serene, much like the contrasting beauty of a jungle and the gentle ebb and flow of coastal tides.

It’s safe to say San Pacho has found his voice in the vast landscape of electronic music. With global hits like “La Pasion” and the support of icons like Tchami, this young artist’s potential is as expansive as the horizons his music evokes.

What truly captivates is the authentic essence that runs through tracks like “Elektro,” “Amor,” and now, “Freak.” They invite you to let go, dance, and feel. They embody the universal joy and the inherent ability of music to resonate within us. Especially in these times, these melodies are more than just songs; they are a soothing remedy, an embrace, a soulful dance.

Listen to the track below.