Two Lanes Drop Their Best Release to Date: ‘Innervision’ EP

TWO LANES have released their new EP, “Innervision,” featuring the fresh singles “Abstraction” and “Synthesis.”

Diving straight in – “Abstraction” immerses listeners in a melancholic electronic realm, with minor chords and subtle house percussion creating a clean instrumental experience. Contrastingly, “Mind” incorporates vocals, adding an anthemic quality and evoking a sense of completion to an epic journey.

Following this, “Balance” introduces reflective piano elements, allowing listeners to drift into a peaceful state guided by arpeggio-synths and strings. “Synthesis” then builds on this foundation with slightly more intensity, maintaining the EP’s cohesive and expressive nature.

Overall, “Innervision” offers an escape, cementing TWO LANES‘ artistic roots and highlighting their consistent yet evolving sound.

TWO LANES – Innervision

The Berlin-based brothers, Leo and Rafa, form the electronic duo TWO LANES, known for blending acoustic piano recordings with analogue synthesizers and minimal styles. Their signature sound has garnered a global audience, with notable support from major radio stations and over 200 million plays across streaming platforms.

Raised in a musical family, Leo‘s classical piano background complements Rafael‘s expertise in electronic music production, resulting in a harmonious collaboration that continues to win more music lovers over day by day.

Listen to the tracks below.