Citizens Arrest ! Coachella attendees stop cell-phone thief! [VIDEO]

Misplacing your cell phone at a festival is one thing, but having it stolen is a whole other story that no festival attendee ever wants to experience.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common at these events for phones to be snatched up by scummy thieves, but thankfully a few good samaritans at this year’s Coachella music and arts festival decided to take this matter into their own hands.

A video originally posted by Twitter user @djedgeofficial shows a few Coachella attendees holding down an alleged cell phone thief while waiting for security personnel to arrive.

Check out the full tweet and footage below:

Angel Park
Angel Park is an avid EDM supporter and proud Philly native. Her hobbies include writing (obviously), petting cute dogs and searching for the next best "wubz" to throw down to. Get in touch with her via Email.


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