Andy, The Di*k Sucking King from Fyre Festival responds to public’s reaction


One of the biggest surprises stemming from the Fyre Festival documentary was the infamous di*k sucking story. If you don’t know who Andy King is, you are about to.

After watching both the Hulu and Netflix versions, it wasn’t hard to choose a favorite. Although both versions are great, Netflix gave us Andy King, and Hulu didn’t.

In a recent interview with Netflix, King explains that he’s truly blown away by the public’s reaction following the release of the documentary.

Here’s what he had to say:

“When someone reached out last weekend and said, ‘you’re trending’, I was like, ‘I don’t even know what trending means.’ People are talking about you… and yesterday people were like, ‘you’re a MEME’, I’m like What’s a MEME?”

I just don’t necessarily want to be known as the bl**job king of the world.”

Besides all the funny memes and jokes, King believes all the attention can be used for a good cause. Andy has recently channeled a lot of the attention to numerous GoFundMe pages that will help pay back the laborers who also got screwed due to Fyre Festival.

Travis Atencio
Small business owner who happens to love raving. Avid baseball fan and freelance writer. Raving since 2010.


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