BigCityBeats steers forward for WORLD CLUB DOME Drive In

Le Shuuk
Le Shuuk

For years BigCityBeats have been known for their unusual and crazy antics, and now thanks to BCB you need no longer to worry about Summer 2020 lacking any festival events.

Bernd Breiter, the visionary founder of BigCityBeats, a man who sent celebrities into zero gravity, and built the first club in space on the ISS, on April 18th became the first person to organize a live stadium event in the deserted Frankfurt Commerzbank-Arena.

And now, he’s transforming the Autokino Dusseldorf into the first BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME-Drive In. Here are the details:

On Thursday, April 30th, 2020, BigCityBeats Resident DJ Le Shuuk accompanied by an enormous stage show, will play live in front of a huge screen at the Dusseldorf Drive-In Cinema. He’s also invited a few friends along as well. Le Shuuk & Friends will be performing two special shows on the day of the “Dance into May” event.

WorldClubbers are promised a genuine club night like no other, with pyro effects, lasers, C02 cannons, pillars of fire and so much more. And the entire event takes place just a stone throw away from the arena where WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition will take place for a third time in January 2021.

WORLD CLUB DOME Drive In edition

BigCityBeats is offering 1000 WorldClubbers the chance to party in complete safety free from the risk of infection. In compliance with hygiene regulations as many as 500 cars can be accommodated in the large area of the drive-in cinema per performance. There is a maximum of two people per car permitted during „Le Shuuk & Friends – Live in Concert“.

All currently applicable safety requirements and current rules of conduct relating to the Corona Protection Ordinance are to be observed within the drive-in cinema.

BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME – Drive In is offering the community the opportunity to party. So on April 30th, grab your best friend or partner, turn on the radio and the car-party can begin. You can even bring your own snacks and drinks. Alternatively, for 12.50 Euro Autokino Dusseldorf offers a lunch package in which you will receive a sandwich, nachos, popcorn, sweet surprise, and 2x on-site drink of choice (soft drinks, water or beer). As well as the best live acts, WorldClubbers will have everything they need to celebrate. More information about the drive-in cinema can be found HERE!

„It is difficult when you have to accept something that in this moment you cannot change. But what we can do is open a new, unprecedented chapter. I am extremely proud and happy that, along with my Unicorn Army, I can contribute a part to the new story,“ says Le Shuuk.

Michael Brill, CEO of D.LIVE said: „The WORLD CLUB DOME is part of the fixed event program in Düsseldorf, and rather than making the WCD community wait until January 2021 for the next Winter Edition in the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. Along with BigCityBeats, for the first time ever in Germany, we are offering live DJ sessions in Drive-In Format. It’s sensational, there’s never been anything like this.“

„We have a very special relationship with Düsseldorf. The BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition in the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA broke all records, and thanks to D.LIVE we can now live the unique WCD feeling LIVE with DJs during summer. And that we can do this in accordance with Corona Protection Ordinance and the relevant hygiene regulations is exceptional. Difficult times require extraordinary ideas and together with D.LIVE, we can bring them to life. This also promises great things for the Winter Edition 2021 in Düsseldorf,“ says Bernd Breiter, Managing Director of BigCityBeats GmbH.

Tickets will be available online shortly. Pre-registration is possible HERE!