Cammora strikes back with another smash release titled, ‘It Feels So Good’

Cammora strikes back with another smash release titled, ‘It Feels So Good’. Set for release via Go Deeva, this latest production promises to deliver a uniquely electrifying sonic experience, taking listeners on a groovy auditory adventure through funky beats, colourful details, and catchy vocal hooks.

On this occasion, Cammora has teamed up with the talented Italian Producer and DJ Simone Vitullo; a top name within the Electronic Music realm, this collaboration is an exciting instalment in Cammora’s musical journey, marking an impressive creative milestone for the Producer.

With a name that echoes with respect, Simone Vitullo’s musical legacy is one punctuated by admirable achievements like several of his tracks charting high in the Beatport Top 100 and performances at iconic venues like Ministry of Sound in London and Ritter Butzke in Berlin.

Cammora is an artist on the rise; as he builds momentum, this skilled Producer and DJ is quickly making a name for himself within the genre, presenting a unique signature sound that blends elements from the House and Indie genres. Cammora’s unparalleled style has seen his work garner support from industry heavyweights like Claptone, Bob Sinclair, Dombresky, and Danny Howard, to name just a few: a credit to his talents and a well-deserved achievement for this exciting Producer and DJ.

Now, as they blend their powerful signature styles that are both inherently rooted in innovation, Cammora and Simone Vitullo present a track that is no doubt an unmissable listen for fans of Electronic Music. Featuring a percussive beat infused with funky vibes and a hypnotic driving bassline, ‘It Feels So Good’ takes listeners on an exciting journey that is sure to leave them energised. The catchy vocals and glowing synth lines add to the unique groovy flavour of the mix, curating a detailed soundscape that showcases the unique and distinct sonic identities of both Cammora and Simone Vitullo.

Certainly, this release showcases the Producers’ undeniable talents, delivering a track poised to take their names to even higher heights; a striking and original production, the release is sure to become a new firm favourite for lovers of the genre.

Make sure to follow them across social media to stay up-to-date on their latest releases, projects and live performances. ‘It Feels So Good’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms.

Listen to the track below.