Carnage starts a “F*ck Deadmau5” chant following their conflict [VIDEO]


I hope you aren’t a vegetarian because the past week has been nothing but straight beef coming out of the EDM industry recently.

Deadmau5 is wildly known for his willingness to call out anyone at any time for any reason which has made him quite infamous and entertaining on social media. Carnage and Deadmau5 both played at Cemetery of Sound event over the Halloween weekend in which Carnage claims that Deadmau5 pushed Carnage out of nowhere whereas Deadmau5 claims that Carnage threatened him.

Joel aka Deadmau5 is a small man, definitely smaller than Carnage by a large margin, I highly doubt he had enough power behind his shove to do any damage to the heavyweight. That being said, Carnage’s response is what you would call less than professional.

In typical rap genre style, Carnage took to the microphone last night to start a chant stating “f*ck Deadmau5” and “f*ck Joel”. Master of the internet was quick to promptly reply, “who?” insinuating he has no idea who Carnage even is.

From Carnage and Deadmau5 to Getter and Bassnectar, I can’t wait to see how all of these new conflicts will play out in the coming week. My best bet, nothing will come of them and they will die off within a matter of days, but who knows we may get a Deadmau5 diss track off of Heavyweight Records.

Check out the video below.