Andrew Rayel releases the anthem for FYH 150 ‘Originem’

Andrew Rayel

Heroic. Dynamic. Modern. Andrew Rayel knows what trance-music fans want and he delivers every time. Today he sits atop the global trance music stage following years of hard work.

With the enormous popularity of his weekly radio mixshow, “Find Your Harmony,Andrew Rayel is ready to mark the milestone of the 150th episode. To celebrate, Andrew Rayel’s inHarmony Music record label releases “Originem” (FYH 150 Anthem) on March 22nd, 2019.

There’s no doubt, “Originem” is wholly epic. Kicking-off with a heavy 4/4 beat, “Originem” is trance music in the modern EDM era; it’s dramatic, melodic, full of swooning lows where Rayel so masterfully strips-out the beat while building the energy back up with angelic vocals.

Andrew Rayel Originem

An important element to “Originem” is Rayel’s signature piano-playing, a delicate delight for the emotions that feel like sunlight entering the soul. Lest the listener drift into an irreversible state of bliss, boom! A murderous 4/4 beat comes crashing down again accompanied by vast, harmonic synths. For the many fans of Andrew Rayel‘s sound the world over, the music has never been better.

Listen to the track here.