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marshmello dotcom

A Bollywood Actress Finally Confirm Marshmello’s Real Identity ! [PICTURE]

Looks like a 'Bollywood' actress has finally confirmed the real identity of the famous and mysterious Marshmello. In a recent picture posted on her facebook...
marshmello dotcom proofs

You’re Not Fooling Anyone Marshmello, Or Should We Say Dotcom? [5 Proofs]

Marshmello, the mysterious EDM DJ with an unforgettable trademark, is under the spotlight as his fans try to connect the dots to find his...
marshmello identity

BREAKING: Feed Me unintentionally reveals who Marshmello really is [PICTURE]

Jonathan Gooch, a drum and bass, dubstep and electro house producer, better known as Feed Me, unintenionally reveals who Marshmello really is. After multiple theories...
favorite djs real names

15 Surprising Real Names Of Your Favorite DJs

Many of your favorite Djs opted to use monikers when they became famous. From Deadmau5 to Paul van Dyk discover their real names ... 1.Tijs Michiel...

Top 15 Famous DJs that wear masks

Dj's with masks are dominating the Electronic Dance Music industry at the moment. Many of them are wearing masks for marketing purposes, some of them...
marshmello identity

Marshmello’s “Freal Luv” List Finally Reveals His Real Identity !!!

According to ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Marshmello has been writing his own songs since the beginning of his career....

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